Our Team

  1. Violet James, MSM
    Co-Founder Executive Director
  2. Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC, CAMS-II
    Co-Founder, Licensed Professional Counselor Master Level Psychologist Certified Anger Management Specialist-II
  3. Felisa Perry, MA, LLPC
    Couples, Marriage and Family Counseling Premarital Counseling
  4. Marlaine DesRosiers, MA, LPC, LPN
    Marriage, Family, Individual Counselor Facilitator for Anger Management, Parenting Classes, DUI Classes, Teen Classes
  5. John Lazarski, MA, LLP
    Substance Abuse Evaluations/ License Restoration Alcohol Assessments Domestic Violence Classes

About Us

VISION- Our vision is to inspire hope and healing and improve lives, relationships and families.

MISSION- New Day Counseling's mission is to provide help, inspire hope, and empower individuals, couples, and families by providing professional counseling, groups & workshops, support, and resources, for healthy coping and outlook, good emotional and mental health, improved relationships, and empowered lives.

VALUES- Commitment ....to the vision & mission of the organization.  Honor….to glorify God in all that we do.  Relationships…..built on trust and respect.  Integrity….in our actions, practices, and decisions. Service….to serve one another with love. Teamwork….unity in the planning, management, & mission of the organization.

HISTORY- New Day Counseling was founded in July of 2004 by sisters Violet James, MSM, and Licensed Professional Counselor, Krystal Kuehn, MA, LPC, LLP, NCC. The sisters began their practice with a lifelong passion to help hurting people in need of professional counseling services. Their desire has always been to serve all people and every age group in the tri-county area. 

Krystal and Violet strongly believe and proclaim that counseling works!!  It improves lives, inspires hope, and brings healing and wholeness to people.  They explain that counseling is based upon a unique relationship unlike one you have with a caring friend or family member.  The relationship is collaborative, where both the client and therapist work together to improve the client’s mental, emotional and social life.  Together they resolve issues, work through emotions and problems, develop insight, discover solutions, set goals, and work toward a better and brighter future.

Krystal and Violet believe that everyone can gain tremendous benefit from the counseling process.  They have had the privilege and experience of significant life changes and improvement in their own lives as a result of their personal experiences with counseling.  They have received healing and wholeness, gained incredible insight, restored their relationships, and learned invaluable tools and techniques that have changed their lives forever!  As a result, they set out to help others with professional counseling.