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Couples Therapy Group
Couples Therapy GroupCouples Therapy GroupCouples Therapy Group
Couples Therapy Group
Couples Counseling Group
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The Love & Relationship Couples Group
Enriching, Life-changing, Affordable Couples Counseling
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Relationship Success
Couples Counseling
Are you in a couples relationship that is unhappy, conflicted, or struggling?

Problems can severely damage a relationship over 
time if they are not properly dealt with. Negative 
patterns can develop quickly, and unresolved issues 
often erupt in disrespect, anger, distancing, and 

Has this happened in your relationship?

Have you and your partner experienced the hurt, pain, and frustration that have left you wondering if your relationship can ever get any better?
Couples Group
If so, The Love & Relationship Couples Group is for you!
You can discover how to end problems that are causing stress and unhappiness in your relationship, and begin to discover how you can have love and relationship success.

Sign up Today! 
Don't wait until problems lead to hurt, distancing, and destruction to your relationships, life & well-being!
The Love & Relationship Couples Group [8-week program] 
Register now and develop greater love, respect, intimacy, joy, peace, and success in your relationships with support, skills, and techniques for a better life!

The Love & Relationship Couples Group will provide you with the tools, insight, and information you need that can improve your relationship skills and restore love & respect.  Each session will cover an important relationship area that is common to all couple relationships.  Although all couples differ in that they have unique issues and problems, all couples share challenges in these key relationship areas (see list below).  

Following are a few of the areas that will be covered in the New Day Counseling
Love & Relationship Couples Counseling Group:
Keys to Improving Your Relationship

Restore Love & Respect

Greater Intimacy

Resolve Conflicts & Other Issues

Improve Communication

Discover the Power of Words, Touch, Empathy
Great relationships don’t just happen.  They require our time and attention.  We have to work at making them better and keeping them healthy.   Good and successful relationships can bring much fulfillment, joy, and meaning to our lives.  On the other hand, troubled relationships cause us unwanted stress which affects our emotional and physical health, as well as our overall outlook and attitude.  
The Love & Relationship Couples Group is designed to help you make your relationships better, overcome problems, restore love and respect, nourish each other, and build lasting relationships for a lifetime!

Is your relationship worth it?  If so, are you willing to invest in the one area of your life that will bring the greatest rewards of true love & lasting happiness?

We invite you to join us today.  

Call us at 248-649-8050 & register for-- 

The Love & Relationship Couples Group
It’s Enriching, Life-changing & Affordable!

Thursday's at 7:10pm to 9:00pm / 8 weeks 

Registration Fee:
$55.00 per couple per week 
**Registration fee includes Materials 

Call 248-649-8050 to register.   Space is limited.....don't delay!


New Day Counseling is OFFERING  - 
Marriage WorkshopRestore Your Marriage & Fall in Love Again

Love & Relationship
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